How To Use A Diamond Painting Pen In Diamond Art Kits?

How To Use A Diamond Painting Pen In Diamond Art Kits?

Diamond art painting is an excellent hobby anyone can take up; however, if you just recently picked up the art, you will need to become familiar with the necessary diamond art kits.

Anyone who knows about diamond art painting knows that the essential accessory accompanying a diamond art kit is the pen. The function of the diamond painting pen is to aid in picking the diamond beads and correctly positioning them on the grid to make an incredible masterpiece.

The use of the diamond painting pen is not a simple process. Many pen types in the diamond art kit are there for you to use.


What Is A Diamond Painting Pen?

As mentioned earlier, an essential accessory in the diamond painting kit is the diamond pen. This is because the craft carries the diamond beads from the container holding the beads to the canvas.

As you start getting accustomed to the art of diamond painting, proceeding to use the diamond pen in the diamond art kit is your next step. However, the more skilled you become, the more your desire to start investing in another type of diamond pen.


How To Make Use Of A Diamond Painting Pen?

Using simple drill pens for each diamond art kit is not a complex process. You need to get your wax, look out for the small hollow end of the diamond pen and fill it with wax, then use that hollow end to pick at the beads and position them on the grid canvas. A diamond art kit with a diamond wax pen helps prevent the need to lift the wax. These types of pens can be easily sharpened when the wax gets reduced.

Another type of diamond painting pen that can be found in diamond painting art is the diamond drill wheel pick-up pen. This pen has a sticky wheel that allows you to pick many beads at once. This pen is close to the multi-placer pen in a diamond art kit.

A multi-placer pen has a flat end shaped in the form of a line, while a drilled pen has a small circular end. Simply fix your multi-drill tool into the wax and then pick up many diamonds at once with the aid of the pen.

After you may have gotten the knack of using wax to lift the frills, you can rehearse carefully, positioning them into each installed spot on the canvas.


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  • Diamond Painting is an increasingly popular activity that has taken the craft world by storm. It combines traditional painting techniques with the shine and precision of diamond art, creating a unique piece of art that can be used to decorate your home or gift to a loved one.

    - Alexander
  • I previously wrote to you asking for a tip with my paintings where i am finding the stones don’t stay where applied. You suggested its a lesser expensive painting and sent me a link to your store. I signed up for the emails and discount which i didn’t receive. I ordered a Buffalo Bills painting and i will see if your paintings are better. I hope so as this Bills painting is a gift. Thank you.

    - Lois Knab

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