Have Diamond Art Kits? Find The Best Ways To Display Your Masterpieces!

Have Diamond Art Kits? Find The Best Ways To Display Your Masterpieces!

Diamond art kits produce crisp and shimmering crafts that will catch anyone's eye on sight. However, with the hours of perfecting your paint-by-numbers skills, it's only fitting to collect your compliments from a well-done showoff. Wondering how to display your finished art to ensure it retains its classic beauty? We've got you covered with the best framing options below.


Own Diamond Art Kits? Explore These Framing Options! 

  • Stretcher Bars

This smart choice is a renowned solution for framing canvas art of any shape and size. As the name suggests, you literally stretch the custom diamond art over the wooden pieces for a gorgeous painting that will easily find its space on your wall. It evokes a 3D dimensional look since the canvas' edges are stretched over the wood. 

  • Pre-Stretched Canvas

This is perhaps the simplest one. All you ought to do is get your pre-stretched canvas from a craft store. You can even order online, and once your package arrives, glue your diamond painting art onto it. No stretching or stapling is needed. Instead, utilize a spray adhesive on the blank canvas and the backside of your painting. It should feel sticky when touched before meticulously placing the artwork on the canvas. Be sure to smoothen it out as you go all the way down, ensuring there are no bubbles or wrinkles. Then wait for it to dry for at least twenty-four hours, and it's time for the showcase!

  • Standard Frames

Another effortless way to frame art from diamond painting kits is using standard frames from a store. On the brighter side, they come in varying finishes and styles for a sophisticated ending to your months or weeks of hard work. However, most diamond paintings are not standard-sized, calling for trimming the canvas for a perfect fit. You start by choosing a smaller frame than your dazzling painting. Then place your artwork face-down on a cutting mat to get rid of the first to two inches with an X-ACTO knife. Skip the glass piece as you finish by framing the art. 

  • Foamboard

If your measuring and cutting skills are always up to the task, diamond painting kits put them to the test with this method. Purchase your foam board from a nearby craft shop or order online. You can achieve a flat and borderless painting by cutting down the board to a similar size as your painting using box cutters. Exclude the canvas border in the process and glue your artwork to the foam. It should take the center position with the borders hanging. The borders are folded over the back of the foam board and glued for firmness and tightness.

  • Professional Framing

You have been through your ups and downs to get that glaring masterpiece. So, why not seal the deal the best way possible? Craft stores have a team of framing experts who incorporate professionalism into the last puzzle of your painting. They frame various paints of different shapes and sizes. If you are willing to trade with some money, it's an excellent investment.

Diamond art kits take art and craft to a whole new level with show-stopping finishes that will turn any head. They are more than a hobby and are great stress relievers with a top-up of a sense of accomplishment. Still, the elegance of your piece of art may depend on the quality of your kit. Therefore, always choose a credible shop for all your diamond art needs. 

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