*NEW* We Have Updated Our Diamond Painting Kits

*NEW* We Have Updated Our Diamond Painting Kits

Brand New Upgraded Diamond Art Kits

We have UPGRADED our diamond painting kits to the best quality canvas, beads and tools you can get on the market today. Our canvases are ALL poured glue and have a soft velvety back. This makes the canvas much easier to handle and not too flimsy. The front of the canvas is poured glue with a clear covering and very sticky canvas for the beautiful sparkly beads to stick to easily.  The images are HD and the symbols are very clear numbers and letters, which make them easier to see and read.


Clear poured glue canvas

The stitched wavy edges on the canvas are attractive, as well as keeping your canvas from fraying while working on your diamond painting.  


Stitched canvas

The beads are all packaged in individual ziplock bags for easy access to start right away or quickly "kit" your diamond art project. 

Beads in ziplock bag

We are very happy to bring you these new canvases. We offer 100% customer satisfaction because we believe in our products and want all of our customers to be happy with their purchases. All purchases are made to order. You will receive your diamond art kit in approximately 2 weeks. A tracking number will be emailed to you once your order has shipped. Believe us when we say "Our Diamond Paintings Are Worth the Short Wait!"


Diamond Painting Hut DIY Diamond Art kits


  • Rebecca, our canvases do have more than 27 colors. The example shown on our website is just so customers know what a diamond painting looks like. Your canvas will be just as colorful as the image ordered. Thank you

    - Diamond Painting Hut
  • I’d love to order from here but noticed all of the DPs have only 27 colors no matter how colorful the image is.

    - Rebecca
  • I am just finishing my 3rd painting.From your company. They are nicest I have done. I had two framed and matted for myself.

    - Cindie
  • I like that you have quality painting canvas. How about your diamonds? Are your diamonds 5D resin?

    - Arleen Ayala

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