What is 5D Diamond Art?

What is 5D Diamond Art?

Diamond painting is a new hobby that’s perfect for children and adults alike. Better yet, 5D diamond painting uses modern technology to break down and convert images to patterns. It is a revolution from the century-old practice of rhinestones and beaded paints. The projects use multi-faceted and synthetic crystals to complete a picture. 


What is 5D art

5D art is 5-dimensional and utilizes resins or diamonds. It gives a realistic effect to the artwork, evident on completion. 


What makes 5D art special?

You are probably wondering about the differences between 3D and 5D diamond painting? It lies in the number of facets. 3D diamonds have three facets, while 5D have facets on every side. For a sparkling product, the key is more facets. The diamonds can be a round or square shape. Additionally, they can be opaque with shiny surfaces (facets) or translucent, allowing light to shine through (crystals).


Components of a 5D art kit

A 5D diamond painting kit incorporates the items you will need to start and complete your artwork.

  1. Adhesive wax
  2. Pre-printed canvas featuring a particular adhesive layer and protective film.
  3. Diamond applicator tool.
  4. 2.5*2.5 mm acrylic rhinestones with 9 to 15 faucets.

Types of 5D kits

  1. Partial Drill Kits

The diamonds cover only a portion of the painting. The canvas in the kit is printed using high definition methods. A few have paintings with diamonds covering the whole canvas. Symbols are typically printed for directional purposes on where to place the diamonds.

  1. Full Drill Kits

The kits feature printed symbols of the entire canvas, with the diamonds covering the whole painting. A complete drill painting may ask for patience since it is time-consuming. Working on small sections is recommended. The artwork of these kits is attractive.

  1. Multi-panelled Kits

They incorporate several paintings to finish the project. With the multi-panels, they can create large pictures. That gives room for more creativity, décor ideas, and more time with your hobby! The canvases are made of various materials.



Suppose you are a beginner; in that case, a small-sized painting would be appropriate. But that shouldn't limit your ambitions. Besides, it's cheaper and therefore suitable if you are still testing the waters. The larger size means more choices in your artwork and more detail, creating spectacular results.

DIY 5D diamond painting

  1. Make references to the comparison table on the canvas to help you identify every diamond number corresponding to the printed area.
  2. Fill the pen with glue and place the diamonds on the plate.
  3. Stick several diamonds using the head of the pen.
  4. Remove the partial film and stick the diamonds to the canvas, keeping in mind their corresponding number. If you use tweezers, they can clip up to three diamonds. The trick is placing them as close as possible for the best outcome.
  5. Press down the diamonds with your hand to ensure they are firm.

The protective film should never be removed all at once. The canvas surface is sticky; taking off the film exposes it to dust and other particles. This way, it will dry out and not stick as required. Also, when you wish for short breaks, remember to recover them.


Which type of glue is appropriate for 5D diamond painting?

The pink square wax is ideal for helping you pick up the tiny crystals. Do this by taking small pieces of wax using the applicator's tool's edge and picking the diamonds with it. The wax square is small but efficient to pick multiple crystals.

What is a drill in diamond painting?

It is the shape of the diamonds used to fill the canvas. Typically, they are square and round drills.

Should I use a square or round drill?

The squares evoke a mosaic effect on a 5D diamond picture. The round shapes have a cross-stitch effect. For the round shape, you may notice some gaps, making it a rare option for artists.

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